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We accidentally went shutterbug-happy and took entirely too many photographs at our annual Christmas Open House this year. It took an entire week to go through them all, but we persevered, and the annual Christmas Open House photo galleries are finally up now.
There are also photo galleries showing our 2013 Summer Reading program decorations upstairs and downstairs.
[photo from the writer's workshop] There are two photos in the gallery from the July 29th writers' workshop.
[photo of Esther Mendell with several copies of her book] Our photo gallery now includes photos from the Esther Mendell book signing that we hosted on July 20th.
[photos of several teens doing improv] Area teens continue to attend library programs to explore their hidden talents. We now have, in our photo gallery, photos of an improv event that recently transpired.
[photo of several teens looking at photographic equipment] Guess what we've done? That's right, we've gone ahead and held another teen program at the library, to discover our teens' hidden talents. This time we had them exploring photography. You can see the photos of this event in our photo gallery.
[photo of a man juggling a set of four juggling pins] We've updated our photo gallery again, this time with photos of the juggling and ventriloquism of Mike Hemmelgarn, who performed here as part of our Summer Reading program.
[photo of four kids from the audience, with one of the professional magicians, in front of a larger group of children] The photos from the Shizzle Dizzle Magic Show, which we hosted as part of our children's Summer Reading program, have finally arrived in the photo gallery.
[photo of a group of people gathered under a tree] We've put up the photos of the Crawford Park District program in our gallery. Have a look.
[photo of the crowd near the bouncy castle] We always kick off our Summer Reading Program with a big party on the lawn. This year we had active running games on the lawn, sandboxes, a bouncy castle, a painting table, freezer pops and punch, and a lot of fun. We also took a lot of pictures. You can view them in our photo gallery.
[photo of a group of kids playing light sabers with foam noodles] Everyone had a lot of fun at the Star Wars day, and we got a lot of great photos. Check them out in our photo gallery.
[photo of a group of chess players posing for a photo] The photos of our teen chess tournament are finally here. Check them out in the photo gallery.
[photo of two women looking at items on a display table] Crawford Soil & Water Conservation District presented a program on backyard environmentalism. Check out the photos in our photo gallery.
[photo of a cake; lettering on cake reads Good Luck Kaylee] We've had several going away parties this year. Here are some photos from the most recent one.
[photo of the crowd waiting in line for carriage rides] We got a really big crowd and had a lot of fun at our annual Christmas Open House this year. Hopefully you were here. If not, at least have a look through the photo gallery to see a sampling of what you missed. There are photos of the art show and tree, of the carriage rides, of the story time and the crafts, the ice sculptures, gingerbread houses, of our very special storybook guest, and of one of the music performances and the crowd it drew, among other things. You can see all the photos in our gallery.
[photo of gingerbread houses] The 2012 Gingerbread House Contest results are in. There were some really nice entries this year, so don't forget to check them out in the photo gallery.
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