Wed, Dec 20th, Twelve Days of Christmas Raffle Drawing:

Twelve Days of Christmas Raffle

Items will be on display thru December 20th. We also have beautiful photographs of the items in our photo gallery. Raffle Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 and may be purchased at the front desk.
  1. Crock Pot from Poland Hardware
  2. Two Glass Christmas Trees from the Evergreen
  3. $50 at Ralphie's
  4. $50 at Ralphie's
  5. #25 at Topia Boutique
  6. $25 at Shieber's Auto Care
  7. $15 at Tubby's - $5 at Family Video
  8. $15 at Tubby's - $5 at Family Video
  9. Handcrafted Primitive Box from Lou & VivianSchomburg
  10. Mason Jar Candle & $10 at Toni's Flower Shoppe
  11. $10 at Toni's Flower Shoppe
  12. Christmas Box with Christmas and Note Cards from Rosie Faulds
  13. Tiffany Porcelain Special Edition Doll from Eddie Vinson
  14. Adotable Memories Porcelain Doll from Eddie Vinson
  15. OSU Crock Pot from Drug Mart
  16. Vintage Imperial Carnival Glass Plate from The Evergreen
  17. Original Oil Painting from Sandy Hocker
  18. Wooden Reindeer Candle Holder & Candle from Crossroads
  19. Gardening Basket from North End Gardening Club
[Small photo of items 10 and 14]