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Vicki - Director
The library director works with the board to determine policy, supervises the staff, and oversees the operation of the library. If you have a problem with library policy or need special consideration for an unusual situation, you need to speak with the Director.
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Ruth - Financial Officer
Ruth maintains the library's finances.
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Heather - Children's Librarian
Heather heads up our children's room staff and also plans teen programs and works with the YA board.
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Nancy - Assistant Children's Librarian
Nancy's responsibilities include organizing and supervising storytimes, visiting preschools, and providing early literacy activities.
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Chris - Children's Services
Chris orders children's audiovisual materials, runs K-6 programs, and mans the children's room desk.
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Jill - Processing
Jill does the bulk of our cataloging, getting new items ready to circulate, which really is a big job.
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Tammy - Books on Wheels
Tammy oversees the Books on Wheels service and the Ohio Room, among other things.
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Cassie - Interlibrary Loan
Cassie now handles the interlibrary loan service, among other things.
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Kaitlyn - Adult Programs and Publicity
Kaitlyn plans adult programs, runs the library's Facebook page, and does the advertising for the library's programs and events. If you have an idea for a program that you would like the library to hold, this is the person you want to talk to.
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Courtney - Supplies
Besides ordering all of our office supplies, Courtney also performs various other duties.
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Sheila - A Little Bit of Everything
Sheila has been at the library for more than 40 years and works both floors, doing a little bit of everything!
Nathan - Technology
Nathan is the computer guy. If you have problems with this website, or with the computers, this is the person you need to contact.
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And More...
Various other people assist with the day-to-day operation of the library, shelving and covering books, assisting at the desk, keeping the building clean and everything in working order, and whatever else is needed to make your library experience the best it can be.