Galion Public Library Event

Tue, Jul 2nd, Noon-2pm:

Carde Diem!

Every 1st Tuesday from 12pm to 2pm, shuffle your feet on down to our community room to find the answer to the age old question; Who's deal is it? Is it yours? Oh, it's MY deal? No, I thought it was supposed to be yours!
We have standard 52-card decks, Dutch Blitz!, standard and Barbie UNO, and a number of variety card games! Have a game you want to introduce new players to? Bring it along! Folks who are fans of non-standard card games such as Magic: the Gathering are also welcome to bring their decks and use our space. Our library programs are always free! This program is open for anybody ages 18+. We love new faces. CARDE DIEM!!! Seize your hand! We'll meet you at the card table!