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Newest Non-fiction Book:
Pin Loom Weaving: 40 Projects for Tiny Hand Looms by Margaret Stump
[book cover]

Margaret Stump has been creating wonderful fabrics and projects with pin looms for more than 40 years. Here you find 40 different projects you can create from these squares and rectangles.

It only requires 7 1/2 yards of yarn to complete a square, so gather up your hammer and nails and yarn stash and get to it. They are small enough to carry with you. But remember...it is addicting.

More New Adult Non-Fiction:
The Silver Lining: a Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer by Hollye Jacobs
[book cover]

As a healthy, happy thirty-nine-year-old mother with no family history of breast cancer, being diagnosed with the disease rocked Hollye Jacobs' world.

Having worked as a nurse, social worker, and child-development specialist for fifteen years, she suddenly found herself in the position of moving into the hospital bed. She was trained as a clinician to heal. In her role as patient, the healing process became personal.

The Silver Lining is both Hollye's memoir and a practical, supportive resource for anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer. In the first section of each chapter, she describes with humor and wisdom her personal experience and gives details about her diagnosis, treatment, side effects, and recovery.

The second section of each chapter is told from Hollye's point of view as a medical expert. She addresses the physical and emotional aspects of treatment and highlights what patients can expect. Looking for and finding silver linings buoyed Hollye from the time of her diagnosis throughout her double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and recovery. They gave her the balance and perspective to get her through the worst days, and they compose the soul of the book.

Older Adult Non-Fiction: