Newest Non-fiction Book:
The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty by Susan Page
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Barbara Pierce Bush was one of the country's most popular and powerful figures, yet her full story has never been told.

The Matriarch is a vivid biography of former First Lady Barbara Bush, one of the most influential and under-appreciated women in American political history.

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More New Adult Non-Fiction:
The Perfect Predator: A Scientist's Race to Save Her Husband from a Deadly Superbug by Steffanie Strathdee
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Epidemiologist Steffanie Strathdee and her husband, psychologist Tom Patterson, were vacationing in Egypt when Tom came down with a stomach bug.

What at first seemed like a case of food poisoning quickly turned critical, and by the time Tom had been transferred via emergency medevac to the world-class medical center at UC San Diego, where both he and Steffanie worked, blood work revealed why modern medicine was failing: Tom was fighting one of the most dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the world.

Path of the Puma: The Remarkable Resilience of the Mountain Lion by Jim Williams
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During a time when most wild animals are experiencing decline in the face of development and climate change, the intrepid mountain lion, also known as a puma, a cougar, and by many other names, has experienced reinvigoration as well as expansion of territory.

What makes this cat, the fourth carnivore in the food chain, just ahead of humans, so resilient and resourceful? What can conservationists and wildlife managers learn from them about the web of biodiversity that is in desperate need of protection? Their story is fascinating for the lessons it can afford the protection of all species in times of dire challenge and decline.

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