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Newest Non-fiction Book:
The Story of Food: An Illustrated History of Everything We Eat by DK
[book cover]

From the fish that started a war to the oil known as liquid gold, discover the fascinating stories behind the origins, traditions, and uses of our everyday foods.

Illustrated throughout with beautiful paintings, contemporary artifacts and advertisements, and evocative photographs, The Story of Food is the ultimate feast for foodies, a global smorgasbord packed with unforgettable tales and eye-opening facts.

More New Adult Non-Fiction:
Path of the Puma: The Remarkable Resilience of the Mountain Lion by Jim Williams
[book cover]

During a time when most wild animals are experiencing decline in the face of development and climate change, the intrepid mountain lion, also known as a puma, a cougar, and by many other names, has experienced reinvigoration as well as expansion of territory.

What makes this cat, the fourth carnivore in the food chain, just ahead of humans, so resilient and resourceful? What can conservationists and wildlife managers learn from them about the web of biodiversity that is in desperate need of protection? Their story is fascinating for the lessons it can afford the protection of all species in times of dire challenge and decline.

The Boys in the Cave: Deep Inside the Impossible Rescue in Thailand by Matt Gutman
[book cover]

After a practice in June 2018, a Thai soccer coach took a dozen of his young players to explore a famous but flood-prone cave.

It was one boy's birthday, but neither he nor the dozen resurfaced. Worried parents and rescuers flocked to the mouth of a cave that seemed to have swallowed the boys without a trace. Ranging in age from eleven to sixteen, the boys were all members of the Wild Boars soccer team. When water unexpectedly inundated the cave, blocking their escape, they retreated deeper inside, taking shelter in a side cavern. While the world feared them dead, the thirteen young souls survived by licking the condensation off the cave's walls, meditating, and huddling together for warmth.

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Older Adult Non-Fiction: