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[YA shopping trip]
YA Shopping Trip
Each year our YA board takes a trip to the bookstore to select materials for library's growing young-adult book collection. It's a grueling, torturous responsibility for them, but they are always willing to sacrifice for the cause. Here's a gallery full of photographs documenting this year's trip.
[holiday open house]
Holiday Open House
If you missed our holiday open house this year, you really missed out! We had a lot of great stuff this year. If you missed it, at least check out the pictures in the photo gallery. They'll make you want to come next year!
Retirement Party
Our maintenance man, Leonard, retired recently, and the staff threw a party in his honor. Pictures are available in the photo gallery.
Teen Peeps Program
What do you get when you turn a room full of teenagers loose on a pile of colorful marshmallow snacks, a bowl of liquid chocolate, assorted dessert topings, and a collection of small bits of fur, feathers, pipe cleaners, and sundry craft accessories? The result cannot be adequately described with words. There's nothing for it. You'll just have to look through the photo gallery and see the pictures for yourself.
Spring Chess Tournament
Every year on a Saturday in March we hold a chess tournament for the teens. It's always a popular event. We managed to take a few photographs of the chess tournament this year. You can check them out in the photo gallery.
Happy Retirement
Darlene, who had been cataloging most of our new materials for the last decade or so, recently retired. It's always a bit sad when somebody who has been around for a long time retires, but on plus side, we do get to eat cake. Have we got photographs? Yes we do.
[Chinese Valentine?] [crafts]
We ♥ Chinese New Year
Since Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year fell on the same day this year, it became necessary for our teens to celebrate both holidays in a single party. As you can imagine, there was a lot going on. We have photographs of this dual-holiday event. They're up for viewing in the photo gallery even now. Check 'em out!
[game night]
Teen Game Night
We recently had a plugged and unplugged game night for the teens. As you can see from the photographs, they obviously didn't have any fun at all. Too bad. Maybe next time.
[carriage rides] [gingerbread]
Holiday Open House
Our open house on December 8th was a great success!
We had carriage rides, a gingerbread house contest, crafts and a special story time for the children.
[crafts] [refreshments]
Refreshments were served, of course, and music was performed both upstairs and down.
[performers] [performers]
The photos from the open house are up now and can be viewed in the photo gallery.
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