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[photo of a large group of children playing games on the lawn] [photo of two children playing in a sandbox] [photo of two girls seated on the lawn eating freeze-pops] [photo of several children playing an active running game on the lawn] [photo of several children seated around the edge of a sandbox] [photo of several children in and around a bouncy castle] [photo of six children painting at a table] [photo of three girls on the lawn] [photo of two children looking at the artwork on the painting table, with several adults standing around] [photo of a crowd milling about on the lawn] [photo of two girls wearing pirate hooks and eye patches, running across the lawn] [photo of kids and teens standing around a McDonald's punch cooler] [photo of of several children standing in line] [photo of two girls, one with face paint and the other with dyed hair]
[photo of two children playing a game at an easle, with an adult standing by]
[photo of three girls painting at a table, with a crowd of people milling about on the lawn behind them] [photo of a crowd of people around a bouncy castle]