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There are also fonts to consider. We could continue using the fonts we have been using, because they are very widely deployed; or we could use webfonts, which will render on most modern browsers at this point. Webfonts have to be fonts that are licensed in a way that allows them to be deployed as webfonts, which most traditional font licenses do not allow; but Google's collection of webfonts has grown quite significantly, so we have way more options available to us now, than even a couple of years ago. (Embedded webfonts only began to be available about ten years ago, and it took them a while to catch on, both in terms of font availability, and browser support.) Here are a few options that I picked out as being reasonably legible and of decent overall quality. (Some of the ones further down on this list are only suitable at large sizes, e.g., for headlines.)

Prospective Webfonts:
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