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Upcoming Events:
Teen Anime Club Thu, Apr 10th, 6:30-8pm
[manga-style drawing of a boy]
National Library Week Sun, Apr 13th
National Library Week Bookmark Design Contest Mon, Apr 14th, Contest Opens
NLW Guess the Amount Jar Tue, Apr 15th
Blind Date with a Book Wed, Apr 16th
NLW Guess the Book Thu, Apr 17th
[ray-traced image of a chess board on a stone table]
Chess Club, grades 4-12 Thu, Apr 17th, 6:30-8pm
NLW Letter to a Librarian Fri, Apr 18th
NLW Patron Appreciation Day (Refreshments) Sat, Apr 19th, 1-4pm
Splat the Cat K-2 Activity Time Sat, May 3rd, 2-3:30pm
Healthcare Marketplace Individual Sessions Look for details on the news page.
Heartbleed Bug (GPL Website is Safe) Look for details on the news page.
Photo Galleries Updated See the news page for details.
Is there a book you want to read, but we don't have it? Maybe we can get it for you, from another library.
Almost any book, whether hardback or paperback, is eligible for interlibrary loan if it was published at least six months ago. (Newer books are often not available.)
How It Works
[SEO logo] When we submit your request, it goes to SEO, an interlibrary-loan clearing house, which looks for a member library that has the book available. If they find one, they send the book to us, and we call you, and you can come in and pick it up and keep it for up to two weeks.
Books are easiest to identify if you know both the author and the title, but we'll always do our best.
Movies, Music, and More
Sometimes non-book materials are available for interlibrary loan, as well. If there is an item you would like to check out, and we don't have it, speak with our staff about the interlibrary loan service. We do ask that patrons requesting video materials on interlibrary loan provide a telephone number where we can contact them. Unfortunately, because of the short loan times on videos, we cannot interlibrary loan them for patrons with no contact phone number.