Computer Classes
Galion Public Library offers a number of low-cost computer classes for members of the community. Our classes generally last two or two and a half hours and cost only $2 per person. Anyone may sign up for these courses. (The $2 must be paid when you sign up; this reserves your seat. If you cancel far enough ahead of time that we can let someone else have your seat, the $2 is refundable.)
Most of the classes are introductory in nature, but we occasionally hold some intermediate classes as well. The courses cover a variety of computer-related topics, including the world wide web, word processing, email, spreadsheets, task and window management, and image editing.
The handout documents you will find here are maintained by Galion Public Library for use as handouts in our computer instruction classes. They are provided here primarily for our use and for the use of our patrons who have taken our classes. We do not and cannot warrant their suitability for any other use.