Library Card Policy
[library card]
The Galion Public Library follows a policy of issuing one library card set (consisting of a wallet card and matching keychain tag) per person. Your card is issued to you, and you are responsible for all items taken out using your card. Each library patron needs a library card. Your library card is your access point to the services and materials that the library provides.
Because the Galion Public Library is part of a Consortium of Ohio Libraries, you may use a library card issued by any library in our consortium. If you already have a card from one of the other libraries (e.g., from Mt. Gilead or Bucyrus), you can simply use that card here. Likewise, if you have a card from Galion, you can use it at those other libraries. Consortium policy is to attempt to merge accounts whenever possible so that the computer knows you are the same person and tracks all your library items together under one account, even if you use multiple libraries.
Your first card is issued to you free of charge. You can sign up for a library card at the main desk. You will need to show ID (something with your name, photo, and birthdate; a driver's license is a common choice). Children who do not have ID must be accompanied by a parent (or legal guardian) who does have ID. Also, if the ID does not have your current address, you will need to show some other item with your name and the address, such as a piece of mail you have received or a bill or paycheck stub. If your ID shows your address, then that is all you need.
No one may check out items on your card except you. If another person is to check out materials when you are not present, that person must use his or her own card. (Exception: if you receive Books on Wheels service, a library employee will check out materials on your card as part of this service. Other exceptions must be approved in advance by the library director. The library director is not always available every moment the library is open, especially evenings and weekends, so be sure to make these arrangements well ahead of time. If you have special circumstances and need someone else to check out on your card for you, you need to get special approval in advance.)
If you lose your card and are unable to find it again you will need to purchase a replacement card. A replacement card costs $1. When purchasing a replacement card, you may be asked to show your ID again, or a piece of mail with your name and address on it.
If important identifying information (such as your name or address) changes at any time, you should let us know at the main desk so that we can update your account. If your name has changed, you will need to show ID or other documentation of your new name. If your address has changed, please bring something with your name and your new address, such as a piece of mail you have received or a bill stub.
Your registration must be renewed periodically (typically, every two years). This just means that we must verify your contact information and update it as necessary. You do not need to purchase a replacement card when this happens; the card itself is still good and can simply be renewed.