Notary Policy
Notary services are available at the Galion Public Library during regular library hours, ending 30 minutes prior to closing. Notary service is one of many services provided by the library and is not the Notary's only duty. Patrons may be asked to wait while the Notary attends to other library matters. Notaries may not always be available, so please call the library before you visit, or stop by the circulation desk to ensure that a Notary Public will be available. The notary's role is limited to authenticating the signature presented.
Appointments are not required.
Notaries adhere to the Ohio Revised Code, Section 147. Ohio law requires that the person signing the document to be notarized must appear in person and present a valid, government-issued photo ID and unsigned documents to be notarized. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The document must be presented in its entirety. The document to be notarized, apart from the signature, must also be filled out completely ahead of time. Blank spaces not used in the document should have a line drawn through them so that no one can add to the terms of the document after it is signed and notarized.
Documents must be signed in the presence of the Notary Public. Library staff will only notarized witnessed signatures. All persons signing the document(s) must be present.
What Can Be Notarized
Due to limited resources, notary services are available for individuals only. No business documents are accepted for notary service, nor will notary services be performed for any business organization.
The library will not provide witnesses, and witnesses may not be solicited from library staff or patrons using the library. To serve as a witness, the witness must personally know the person whose document is being notarized and must be in possession of valid photo identification.
Notary services that are not available include:
Notaries cannot provide legal advice or assist in preparing legal forms. Notarizing a document does not constitute a legal review of the document's contents. A Notary Public is not a licensed attorney.
A Notary Public can notarize a statement by an individual, that a photocopy is indeed a copy of the original document in question.
A Notary Public cannot certify true copies of passports, driver's licenses, or other similar government-issued documents. Only issuing agencies can certify true copies.
Library employees can only offer basic Notary services. For complex requests, or requests outside our Notaries' experience or expertise, we may refer you to another provider.
Notaries can do off-site notarizations only if staffing and scheduling needs at the library allow it, and only within the city of Galion and Polk Township.
Documents not written in English can have signatures notarized if all other requirements are met and if the signer can communicate clearly with the notary, directly (without a translator), and indicate that they know what they are signing and that they are signing of their own free will. The signer will have to determine and tell the notary whether an oath is required. If foreign documents do not have the notary certificate in English, the notary will have to attach another certificate.
Notaries cannot pre-date or post-date or notarize documents in which they have a personal interest.
In accordance with Ohio law, Notaries will not provide service if the patron, document, or circumstance of the request for Notary service raises any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt, or uncertainty for the library.
Library staff performing notary services on behalf of the library reserve the right to refuse notarizing documents.
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