Installing Drivers for the Library's Network Printer
These instructions are for installing drivers on a Windows Ten laptop, to allow it to print to the Children's Room printer at the Galion Public Library, while connected to the public wireless internet access at the library.
These instructions might also work with Windows Eight and Windows Eleven, but we have only tested them with Ten. (There are separate instructions for Windows Seven.)
  1. Connect your laptop to the library's public wireless access (GPL Guest).
  2. Download the printer driver for the Dell S5830dn. If you trust the library (and your system is 64-bit), you can just click here to download the driver installer from us.
    32066749 bytes; sha256 sum 6ac17f97931559d9b8136a7efa565e15dc659b1da658ba4fb53a3aea
    Better yet, you can get it directly from the Dell support website.
  3. Wait for the driver file to finish downloading. This may take a few minutes.
  4. Double-click the downloaded .zip file to open it in a Windows Explorer file manager window.
  5. The archive should contain one file: Dell_Printer_Driver_v2_UD1_PCL5_Emul_11172016.exe
  6. Right-drag the contained file, Dell_Printer_Driver_v2_UD1_PCL5_Emul_11172016.exe, to a place on your computer that you can run it from, such as your Downloads folder, or the Desktop.
  7. A context menu will ask you if you want to Copy here, Move here, or Cancel. Choose Copy here.
  8. Open the location you copied the file to, in a Windows Explorer Window. (If you copied to the Desktop, you can just minimize all your windows so you can see the Desktop.)
  9. Right-click the extracted file, Dell_Printer_Driver_v2_UD1_PCL5_Emul_11172016.exe
  10. Choose Run as administrator from the context menu.
  11. Depending on your Windows configuration, UAC may prompt you for your Admin login credentials. If so, enter them. Otherwise, it may just require you to click Yes to allow the driver installer to run with admin privileges.
  12. As the driver installer starts up, it will show you a license agreement.
  13. Scroll down through the agreement, reading as much of it as you want to read. (The Accept button will not be enabled until you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the text. Because lawyers.)
  14. Click the Accept button.
  15. The driver installer will show you a Select an Installation Type dialog box. The important thing here is near the bottom: Under Extract files to this folder:, choose a suitable location, or at least take note of where the driver files are being extracted.
  16. Uncheck the option to automatically run the Add Printer wizard.
    (We will be adding the printer manually, because it works better that way for this driver.)
  17. Click the Start button to start the extraction.
  18. Wait for the extraction to complete.
  19. Open the Control Panel. Unfortunately, Microsoft keeps changing how you do this...
    • Windows Ten:
      1. Open the Settings app. (One way to do this: right-click the desktop and choose Display Settings from the context menu.)
      2. In the sidebar on the left, choose Power & Sleep
      3. On the right, scroll down if necessary. Near the bottom, choose Additional power settings.
    • Windows Eleven:
      1. Click the Windows icon on the taskbar to bring up the Start menu
      2. To the right of the Pinned header, click All apps
      3. Scroll down to W
      4. Click Windows Tools. A window will open containing several icons.
      5. Double-click the icon labeled Control Panel.
  20. In the sidebar at the left of the control panel, click Control Panel Home
  21. Under View by, choose small icons, so that you can see all of the control panel options.
  22. Click Devices and printers
  23. Near the top (just under the menubar, if present), click the Add a printer button.
  24. Windows will attempt to automatically find the printer, but will always fail to do so. This is fine.
  25. Click The printer that I want isn't listed.
  26. Choose the Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname option to select it.
  27. Click the Next button.
  28. For Hostname or IP address, fill in
    This is the address of the Children's Room laser printer on the library's local network. Note that this address is inherently local, and is not reachable from outside the library. This is why you have to be connected to the library's wireless access point, in order to use our printer in this way. The printer is not directly reachable from outside our network. If you need to submit print jobs from home, you can use the web upload form.
  29. Click the Next button.
  30. Be patient. This part can take several minutes.
  31. Watch your taskbar for a minimized UAC prompt. If one appears, click it. It will be asking for permission for PnPX Device Association to make changes to your computer. Depending on your Windows configuration, you may or may not need to enter your admin password. Say yes.
  32. Eventually, the add printer wizard should tell you that You've successfully added donley.
    The name of the printer is donley.
  33. Click the Next button.
  34. The wizard may also ask you if you want to share the printer, or if you want to make it the default printer. In either case say no.
    The printer already shares itself, so there is no reason to set your laptop up as a middleman for other people to print through. You also probably don't want to make it your default printer, because it's not available most of the time, when you're at home or at work, only when you come to the library.
  35. Click the Finish button.
  36. That's it. Your laptop should now be able to print to the Children's Room laser printer, whenever you are connected to the library's wireless network.