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[photo] Thanks to everyone who attended our Christmas Open House this year. The event was a great success: a lot of people came out, and everyone had a really good time. Have a look through our photo gallery and see for yourself.
[photo] Mike Hemmelgarn regaled us on June 29th with his ventriloquist act. Check out the pictures in our photo gallery.
[photo] We kicked off our 2011 Summer Reading program with a big party on the lawn. There are a few photographs available in the photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.
[photo] A gathering of twenty-five bright young people might generate a lot of noise on a typical Saturday afternoon. One might expect to hear boisterous conversation, every kind of music, beeps and booms from video games, mobile phones, big TVs, and little computers. But March 26th was not a typical Saturday for the twenty-five who battled it out for fun and prizes at the Galion Library's Youth Chess Tournament. Even as the wars raged twelve at a time, this roomful of friendly combatants was so quiet, you could hear their chess clocks ticking. The photographs from this event are up now in the photo gallery.
Mother's Day Quilt
Once again the Friends of the Library will raffle off a beautiful quilt in honor of Mother's Day. We've put a photo of the quilt up in the photo gallery.
Life-Sized Candyland Game
On February 5th we invited children in grades K-2 to a life-sized board game. Children travelled the Rainbow Path, met their favorite Candyland characters, made their way to the Candy Castle, and collected some sweet treats along the way. Photographs are available in the photo gallery.
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